20 Million Miles to Earth

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  • Science fiction
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There's nothing that master animator Ray Harryhausen likes more than going on a wrecking spree. Over the years, his monsters, painstakingly galvanised frame by frame, have laid Washington to waste, devastated New York, and wrapped their clammy tentacles round the Golden Gate Bridge. Here, a blubbery-looking beastie from Venus ends up careering through Rome. The showdown in the Colosseum is a treat. Don't worry about the dotty script or cardboard performances - just sit back and watch this gelatinous blob in action.

Release details

Duration: 82 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Nathan Juran
Screenwriter: Bob Williams, Christopher Knopf
Cast: William Hopper
Joan Taylor
Frank Puglia
Thomas Browne Henry
John Zaremba
Tito Vuolo
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