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This independently produced Vietnam film presents an unusual perspective on the familiar platoon movie scenario. '84 Charlie Mopic' is a two-man army documentary film crew assigned to accompany an average platoon and 'record procedures peculiar to this combat situation'. Black leader OD and his mixed-bag platoon - joker Easy, tough guy Hammer, hillbilly Cracker etc - are therefore filmed and interviewed, on the job and at rest, as they hump the boonies in search of 'Charlie'. The dense slang, attention to detail and ensemble acting lend an air of immediacy and authenticity, although the use of hand-held camera throughout is hard on the eyes. One short scene gives an intimation of what's in store: cameraman Mopic talks about developing reels of film that have come back from the front line, minus their cameraman - 'You never knew what you were gonna see', he says ominously. A shade too worthy, perhaps, but quietly effective.


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