A Man, a Woman and a Bank



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Time Out says

Oddly enough, the almost total failure to create suspense, laughs or even a credible technological heist (in what is supposed to be a comedy-suspense movie about a computer bank raid) doesn't matter much. A certain whimsical, old-fashioned charm refuses to be squashed by microchips or '80s cynicism; the relationship between the two men is touching; and the self-conscious 'romance' that develops for Sutherland and Adams provokes indulgent grins all round, not least from the principals themselves. There is also a truly sizzling scene involving Leigh Hamilton as a carefully luscious gameshow hostess demonstrating to lover Mazursky 'how Redford and Nicholson kiss' which is almost worth the price of a ticket alone. A difficult movie to get het up about: inoffensive, charming, and a bit like Banana Instant Whip.


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