A Walk with Love and Death


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A Huston curiosity, deliberately contemporary in preoccupation despite its medieval setting: two young lovers rove through strife-torn France making love not war, seeking involvement only with each other. In emphasising youthful passion and integrity, questioning accepted values, and setting the film in a period of social and civil unrest, it becomes a self-evident reflection of the moods of the late '60s; but a mere reflection, and unsatisfyingly inconclusive, because Huston is far too sceptical and knowing to believe in his subject. As the lovers become more committed, the film grows less certain; the essential simplicity of their relationship eludes Huston, who is far more interested in the deviant characters who take up the rest of the film. Further dislocation is caused by the inexperienced leading couple; most of the film's coherence comes from the source novel by Hans Koningsberger, lustrous photography, and a brief appearance from Huston as a wily old fox.


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