Acceptable Levels

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A British TV crew assembles in Belfast to make a documentary, one of a series about children in Britain. Immured within their barricade of script, cameras and determined objectivity, they eye the disorder in which their child-subject lives for possible locations without really seeing anything until another child is killed by a rubber bullet. Compromises are made, images junked, and ideals sacrificed to professionalism. The contrasts between crew and subject are well pointed, and the ironies, suitably loaded, trip one another domino-like.

Release details

Duration: 103 mins

Cast and crew

Director: John Davies
Screenwriter: Gordon Hann, Kate McManus, Ellin Hare, John Davies, Robert Smith, Alastair Herron
Cast: Andrew Rashleigh
Kay Adshead
Sally McCafferty
Tracey Lynch
Geroge Shane
Frances Barber
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