Attack of the 50ft Woman


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Searching for her errant husband one evening, Nancy Archer (Hannah) is zapped by a UFO. Although neither her husband Harry (Baldwin) nor her tycoon father (Windom) believe her story, it soon becomes transparently obvious that something extraordinary has happened: she experiences such rapid personal growth that she has to move out to the barn. This HBO remake of a notable example of '50s schlock substitutes knowing camp tackiness and post-feminist truisms for the authentic proto-feminist vulgarity of the original; but both versions are essentially about a whacking 50ft metaphor. The special effects are superior, but not a lot; and characterisation and development are still disappointingly sketchy. Of course the sexists get all the best lines. Appalled when big Nancy comes on to him, Harry pipes up: 'What do you expect me to do - buy a wetsuit and flashlight?'


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