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Calvin (Ice Cube) is still running his modest barber shop and refereeing the lively cross-talk between his characterful staffers. But a new hairdressing franchise across the street threatens to break up the party, and Calvin must fight to keep his customers. Should he struggle on and stay true to his principles or sell out for big bucks? African American racial humour and cosy community sentiment is the mix as before. A half-joking opening quip suggests that the Washington snipers represented 'progress' ('The DC sniper is the Jackie Robinson of crime! He broke into the crazy white leagues!'). But inane banter soon takes over and is not helped by an unlikely, flashback-heavy subplot about Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer) and a lost love. Cedric's eccentric wheezing is also given far too much floor space. And with Queen Latifah popping in to promote her new hairdressing sitcom Beauty Shop, the whole evil franchise plot looks more doubtful by the minute.


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