Blind Fury


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Like many a damaged hero, Nick Parker (Hauer) is a Vietvet, but his experiences left him blind, not batty. A credits sequence shows how the stricken Parker was rescued from the battlefield by gentle Vietnamese and taught some nifty (if not downright supernatural) sword skills. He also (Rambo, please note) learns tolerance, self-restraint and compassion. Pair him with a cute menaced kid whose mum has been offed by the Mob, and whose dad (O'Quinn) is Parker's long-lost army pal, and you have a New Man with a Mission. Hauer's Parker, shambling, shrewd and powerful, is humorous and appealing, and Noyce skilfully orchestrates a hilarious army of gurning baddies. It thunders along admirably, if rather unbelievably, and to counter the sickly moments with the cute kid (Call), there's plenty of pleasurable ass-kicking.


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