Bloody Angels

Film , Thrillers
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A cool, quirky, serio-comic cop thriller-cum-social satire in which an Oslo detective visits a hick town to investigate a series of murders rumoured by the locals to have been the work of 'angels'. More likely, given the unsavoury types he meets, one killing was a vigilante act perpetrated against a family of misfits as vengeance for the murder of a girl. So will they obstruct the course of justice? Essentially a fable of violence begetting violence, the film looks good, is imbued with a deadpan wit, and gets tauter, tenser and weirder as it proceeds, with only the eccentric use of music over-egging the cake. Oddball stuff, variously evocative of Seven, Fargo, Dirty Harry and Aki Kaurismäki (no bad mix), and an intriguing, promising debut.

Release details

Duration: 100 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Karin Julsrud
Screenwriter: Kjetil Indegaard
Cast: Reidar Sørenson
Gaute Skjegstad
Trond Høvik
Simon Norrthon
Laila Goody
Stig Henrik Hoff
Kjersti Holmen
Bjørn Floberg
Bjørn Sunquist
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