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Buffy (Swanson) and her vacuous valley-girl pals are, like, rilly irritating: they have a keen fashion sense and an imaginative line in vapid chat, but they're in desperate need of a reality check. Enter creepy old Merrick (Sutherland), who tells Buffy her weird dreams are the result of her being The Chosen One, the Slayer. So off they wander to a moonlit cemetery, where a recently fanged victim emerges from a fresh grave, and Buffy instinctively stabs him through the heart. But what will her pals say? Should she skip cheerleading practice? 'The world is under threat from the legions of the Undead, and you're worried about the Seniors' Dance', gasps exasperated hunk Pike (Perry), who's smitten but can't believe her attitude. Unfocused stuff, pitched at undemanding teenagers. Swanson can't act but moves well, while Hauer is far too louche to be a scary vampire villain.


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