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In order to flush out Communist guerillas gathering near the Mexican/US border, the CIA use a prototype super-tank as bait, and lure former Special Forces agent Frank 'Bulletproof' McBain (Busey) out of retirement. One of the 'expendable' US soldiers captured at the same time is McBain's ex-lover (Fluegel). The terrorists are a motley rabble: Arab rapists, Mexican toy soldiers, and Nicaraguan sadists with a strong line in priest- slapping, nun-wasting and church-burning - atheistic Commies and racial stereotypes to a man. The Russkies, for whom the stolen tank is destined, are icy killers armed with a flimsy-looking helicopter gunship and AK47s that don't shoot straight. The excellent Busey is here wasted in a comic-strip hero role which taxes only his muscles and lopsided grin; Fluegel, meanwhile, scowls attractively while never quite pulling off her tough-girl act. Awkward slo-mo flashbacks and cheapskate production values add technical insult to artistic injury, and the whole thing is reminiscent of early Chuck Norris.


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