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Harmony Korine calls Clark 'an artistic vampire who sucks the lifeforce out of the young and un-corrupt'. At first, this film confirms Korine's misgivings. Based on writer Jim Schutze's true story about a group of bored Florida teenagers who turn to murder, it's a relentlessy voyeuristic affair. Clark is fascinated by the bodies of his protagonists. Still, this is more than an old man's wet dream. Shot with an excellent cast on the South Florida locations where the real Bobby Kent was killed, it comes across in its better moments like a 'slacker' version of In Cold Blood. In its own macabre way, it is often also very funny. Even so, it's hard to fathom the director's attitude toward his own characters. He both drools over them and attempts to lay bare the emptiness of their lives in stern, moralistic fashion.


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