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'Seven heads, three bodies,' a police officer notes as he peruses the carnage left by Ted Bundy in this out to lunch shock-comedy about the papa of modern serial killers. Director and co-writer Matthew Bright cooks up a pungent flavour of goofball horror rarely tasted since The Honeymoon Killers, and in the process puts his audience, and his movie, in a spin. The casting of Burke is the key: his ghoulish charm scarcely needs the corroboration of jump cuts and optical distortions to convince us he's on Planet Cuckoo. Burke might even be too good; by the time Bundy's set to fry, the balance of sympathy has been tipped starkly, and inappropriately, in his favour. Bright has a weakness for facetious gags, but sensibly plays the love scenes like outtakes from TV's Dawson's Creek, while the shots of pillow fights between semi-naked sorority girls have a spaced out, satirical zing.


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