Charlie's Angels


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An adaptation of the 'vintage' '70s TV show, in which Murray's droll intermediary, Bosley, adds some comic class to a nominal plot involving the theft of revolutionary voice recognition software from its handsome inventor, Rockwell, and his business partner Lynch. The culprit is tycoon Curry, whose henchman Glover likes to whip out his swordstick whenever the girls are near. Hollywood studios now demand five or six 'trailer moments' - attention-grabbing stunts, explosions or jokes that will draw potential punters. This is nothing but trailer moments. Ex-pop video director McG couldn't organise a pillow fight in a bedding factory. The female leads (Diaz, Barrymore and Liu) let their tacky outfits and buff bodies do the talking, and dozens of pop songs are smeared together on the relentless, pounding soundtrack.

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