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For a comedy double-act who make their money out of people stoned beyond discrimination, Cheech and Chong are probably better than we deserve. This free-wheeling sequel to their first feature, Up in Smoke, has the duo sharing a precarious state of independence in time-warp California. Cheech, the Chicano, charms foxy ladies with his smart line in dirty talk ('I'm serving tube steak covered in underwear. I hope she hasn't eaten yet'). Chong, the dead hippy, deals dope to himself and stays at home awaiting legalisation of the magic weed and laying down Richter-scale solos on his guitar. The plot is, er, like an irrelevant hassle, and the observations on sub-culture work better than the slapstick paced for the brains of the wasted, but there are enough of these - especially a welfare office freak show - to serve as a reminder of how good the high times can be.


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