Children of a Lesser God


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Those whom we set free we cannot hope to own. That's the message of Mark Medoff's stage hit, which he and Hesper Anderson have adapted for the screen in a way which opens out its dimensions without ever clouding its intentions or enervating its tensions. Hurt is James, a likeably unorthodox teacher of the hearing-impaired, who becomes attracted by Sarah (Matlin, a stunning debut), a pupil who left the school with little more than a large chip on her shoulder and a knowledge that sex doesn't require too much of a conversational manner. Their relationship is both a genuinely touching love story and a clever gloss on the barriers and extensions of language. It also contains a truly didactic other-dimension which points out some very salutary things about our often unintentional slights towards the deaf, without being either a simple sob or an issue story.


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