Clubbed to Death


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Lola (Bouchez) falls asleep on a bus and wakes up at the end of the line, in the Parisian 'burbs. She wanders into a cavernous techno club - a barrage of sound and strobing lights - where someone slips her a pill. She becomes involved with a French Arab, Emir (Zem), and returns the next day to look for him in this strange, alien, nocturnal world. The film all but dispenses with dialogue: atmosphere is everything in this minimalist foray into exotic youth culture. This may be full of fascinating insights for sheltered over-40s (if they're interested), but the club scene is hardly uncharted territory for the rest of us. There's something deeply old fashioned about what passes for narrative here, and little else to hold the attention - a tab might relieve the tedium.


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