Cocoon: The Return



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Time Out says

Not a patch on Cocoon; what merit this sequel has comes entirely from the superb cast of veterans, with very little help from a script which seems to have been ghosted by Justice Shallow. The story is so badly recapitulated that anyone not familiar with the situation will wonder why some of the cast seem fitter than others. The rejuvenated leavers return to Earth for a visit, find Bernie (Gilford) suicidal in an old folks' home, and fix him up with a merry widow (Stritch). Ben and Mary (Brimley, Stapleton) start to regret their grandson growing up. Art and Bess (Ameche, Verdon) miraculously conceive a child. Joe and Alma (Cronyn, Tandy) straddle what tension there is, since he will die if he stays. Ameche and Cronyn wring the heartstrings during all the emergency ward scenes.


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