Conversations With Other Women (15)




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Tue May 15 2007

Much like ‘Before Sunset’, this drama focuses on a real-time conversation between an intelligent couple with an ambiguous relationship. When a nameless man (Aaron Eckhart) flirts with a woman (Helena Bonham Carter) at a wedding, their sparky banter slowly reveals a deeper bond established many years before. The dialogue is sharp, entertaining and contemplative, musing on gender differences, life decisions and the fragility of love.Supposedly supporting these themes is a continuous split screen, separating the pair and showing proceedings from varying points of view. Sometimes it flits back in time to show the characters as they once were – or perhaps, as they imagine they were.While this contrivance theoretically gives the audience the opportunity to edit what they see, it undermines the impact of the conversation and forces a viewing choice that’s not always welcome. Perhaps a second watch would be illuminating, but this is not the kind of film that’s going to attract repeat bookings in their droves. Still, excellent performances and a tidy script mean it’s a cut above your average relationships drama.


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Fri May 18, 2007


84 mins

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