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Charlie (Murphy) and Phil (Garlin) are fired for failing to sell Veggie-O cereal to ungrateful kids. Even when Charlie's wife Kim (King) returns to work, there's no way they can pay the bills for Bruce's pre-school education, and Miss Harridan enjoys a near monopoly in the locality. If Charlie's going to have to spend time with his kid, maybe he can persuade other parents to spend a little money so that they won't have to - he and Phil establish an all-male nursery, Daddy Day Care. Okay, so this may not sound all that rewarding, but it does shed light on numerous aspects of that old parental conundrum: dads have their uses, but do you trust them with your kids? The answer, as always: if needs must. Murphy and Garlin are game, but they know the smallfry will steal the show out from under them. I couldn't recommend it to everyone - or anyone, really - but fathers of four-year-olds racking up the kindergarten fees may be tickled.


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