Darkness Falls


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On the night he lost his last milk tooth, Kyle (Kley) claims the Tooth Fairy tried to murder him. Now he's convinced she's back to get the little brother of his childhood sweetheart (Caulfield). Unsurprisingly, nobody believes Kyle, despite the 150-year-old legend of Matilda 'The Tooth Fairy' Dixon, a disfigured crone unjustly accused of child murder and burnt alive by angry parents. Folk say she still swoops around dark corners, pouncing on little'uns unwise enough to peek at her. So is Kyle loopy, or is there really a killer on the loose? Better writers might have sunk their teeth into this juicy gothic material, fashioning a novel iconic bogeywoman. Instead, all semblance of plausibility is extracted, leaving a cast of TV actors to struggle with a plot with more gaps than an eight-year-old's grin, and a script of 'we're all gonna die' clichés. Bottom line, the film does the job and scares you silly.


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