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Washington intern Ben Stone (Fox at his frenetic best) nurses hopes of fun, sun, bimbos and bucks from cosmetic surgery in California. Setting off for an interview in Beverly Hills, he loses his way in the Bible Belt and crashes his car in Grady, 'Squash Capital of the South'. The town seems stuck in the '50s. The natives initially resent the squirt from the city; also unwelcome are the manipulatory moves by man-hungry Nancy Lee (Fonda), and by the town elders who want a replacement for old Dr Hogue. But from the moment Stone sees ambulance-woman Lou (Warner) emerge from a lake naked, love raises its head. Will the charms of Grady and the independent Lou erode his determination before the car is rebuilt? Caton-Jones views all the characters with undisguised affection; the whole thing bubbles along nicely in a fresh, witty, unselfconscious manner, making you forget the dated Capra-corn message.

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