Don't Tell Her It's Me



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Guttenberg is cartoonist Gus, bald, bloated and bitter after a course of chemotherapy; Long is his busybody sister Lizzie, aka romantic novelist Vivica Lamoureaux. Lizzie determines to fix Gus up with Ms Right in the shape of rag journo Emily (Gertz); and by the miracle of modern workout techniques, Gus is transformed into Lobo, a lone-wolf macho bike boy. It would take a virulently mean-minded director to make anything of this gruesome plot, but Mowbray turns in a very mawkish piece of work. He's not helped by Gertz, and especially not by Long. Guttenberg just about musters interest as a dryly charming nebbish; but as a variant on the ever popular wimp-into-lovegod scam (pay-off: she prefers the wimp), it's a poor second to The Nutty Professor.


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