Double Impact


Action and adventure

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Hong Kong: two babes-in-arms, present when Mater and Pater are shot to noodles by Triad hitmen, are so traumatised they both grow up to be Van Damme. Chad is a kickboxing LA aerobics instructor and something of a fop; twin brother Alex is a strong, mean, silent headbutt merchant with a cigar grafted to his lower lip. Chad's Vietvet Uncle Frank (Lewis) reunites the boys, who swiftly set about the sibling snarling, but soon team up to kick the baddies. Lettich directs with the limpness you associate with the vegetable he's very nearly named after. The idea of two Van Dammes must have seemed workable on paper, but both exude the charisma of a packet of Cup-a-Soup, and not even Van Damme seems able to tell himselves apart.


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