Dracula 2000


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After stealing a vacuum-sealed coffin from the vault of London antiques dealer Van Helsing (Plummer), American crooks flee by private plane, open the casket, find Count Dracula, and crash land in a Louisiana swamp - just in time for Mardi Gras. Van Helsing has kept himself alive leeching the immortal one's body; the old man's infected bloodline continues with estranged daughter Mary (Waddell), who has erotic nightmares about a tall, dark, swishy stranger. When Van Helsing's assistant Simon (Miller) follows his boss to New Orleans, one half-expects a sexually subversive, blood-soaked gay carnival. Instead, Simon makes the effete Dracula (Butler) suck on some abuse, firing silver stakes from an ancient crossbow, and delivering such arch kiss-off lines as: 'Never, ever fuck with an antiques dealer.'


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