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Brave knight-turned-bounty-hunter Bowen (Quaid) teams up with Draco, an 18 by 43ft last-surviving dragon (voice by Sean Connery). They go from village to village, faking the dragon's capture and pocketing the reward. Thus Bowen is kept in turnips, while Draco escapes extinction. Being a medieval Hollywood romp for the '90s (notable computer-generated effects), the film has a villainous king played by an English actor - here, the wonderful Thewlis, who distracts attention from Quaid's obvious inability to match the technology. When he finds out his mother the Queen (Christie) has tried to have him killed, he pauses before muttering, 'How unmotherly of you.' Engaging fare: part Dungeons and Dragons, part buddy movie - in the style of 'The Good, the Bad and the Very Ugly' - and, finally, a tale of redemption. Connery's dragon doesn't baulk at chatting up the leading lady.


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