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A fantasy thriller with an intricate dream-within-a-dream structure, low on budget but high on ambition, this offers a breathless run down the corridors of the unconscious mind. As her wedding to a Falklands hero approaches, virgin Diana (Redgrave) suffers disturbing nightmares. When wacky Jenny (Wilhoite) turns up claiming to have lived in Diana's house during a childhood since blotted from her mind, their fates become intertwined. Catalysed by her memories, Jenny's repressed past also surfaces as a recurring nightmare. Blurring the line between reality and dream, the film keeps the audience off-balance, while the effects are employed sparingly but to good effect. With more time and money, Cokliss might have sorted out the shaky plot and made more of some intriguing ideas. Still, stylish photography, excellent sets, and Bill Nelson's jagged soundtrack ensure scariness.


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