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Harold Horne (Lloyd), a not very practised Honolulu shoe salesman, falls for the boss's 'daughter' (in reality his far more accessible secretary) and having pursued his loved one on to an oceangoing liner finds himself tied up in a mail sack with an important business bid in his pocket. All of which tedious business takes up the first two-thirds of the picture. However, once the mail sack lands on a rising builder's hoist outside a skyscraper, the acrobatic fun begins in earnest. A familiar reprise, to be sure, of Safety Last, but none the worse for that. The high spot has Lloyd flailing halfway down the building at the end of a gushing high-pressure fire hose. Be warned, there's a lot of prehistoric business in the skyscraper with a slow, barely verbal Negro servant (Best), played to the n-th degree of dumbness and then some.


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