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Time Out says

Tue Mar 28 2006

Harrison Ford simmers in a suit, again, except at 63 he’s getting a bit long in the tooth for this malarkey. Jack Stanfield (Ford), chief of security at a bank in the Pacific Northwest, is targeted by fiendishly scheming Paul Bettany and his gang of gun-toting computer geeks, who hold his architect spouse (Virginia Madsen), children and dog captive in the family home she designed (plot point alert!) while hubby uses his electronic expertise to siphon off six-figure sums into the baddies’ offshore account. It’s a pick-and-mix thriller plot packed with ingredients that were stale already, and the techie twist signalled by the knowing title turns out to be laughable in the extreme, especially for anyone with an iPod. Ford’s features are etched throughout with the furrowed concentration familiar from, say, ‘The Fugitive’, but since this clunky affair lacks the same snap, its formulaic moves seem particuarly tired. Perhaps the result will warn the star to fight shy of the same old same old, but does he have the technique – or indeed the inclination – to offer anything else?


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Fri Mar 31, 2006


105 mins

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This movie is pretty good. Harrison Ford is an older executive in banking. The actor fits the character - he's obviously not Han Solo anymore. His character uses the inventivness and ability to focus to defeat the younger techie thieves who obviously hadn't thought through the process. Frantic pace from near the start through the finish, it is a reminder of frightening possibiities that most of us would rather remain ignorant of. Have drinks and popcorn ready and sit on the edge of your seat for the duration of the ride.


Admittedly has some plot holes , but scores on tense atmosphere , action and good performances.


Admittedly has some plot holes , but scores on tense atmosphere , action and good performances.