Four Days Inside Guantanamo

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This fascinating diary about the four-day interrogation of a Canadian young man captured during a firefight in Afghanistan uses reams of fuzzy split-screen CCTV footage to show the apparently calm techniques his interrogators at Guantanamo Bay adopted to extract information. Yet, as witnesses and analysts report, a different story involving sleep deprivation and mindgames was being told behind closed doors. Despite a lack of decisive evidence against him, Omar Khadr – just 15 at the time – was arrested in Bagram, Afghanistan for the murder of a US soldier and initially imprisoned  there and treated with gross indignity. Although Khadr’s Canadian interrogator at Guantanamo seems, in comparison, polite, friendly, even concerned for his well being, you sense that Khadr, like many others, was always on to a losing wicket. Lucidly structured and remarkably revealing, Luc Côté and Patricio Henriquez’s exposé of the sinister interrogation methods used by our ‘civilised’ governments is worthy of 100 minutes of anyone’s time.

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Release date: Friday October 7 2011
Duration: 100 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Luc Côté, Patricio Henriquez
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