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Hocus-pocus in a Chinese restaurant effects an alarming body-swap between warring teen Anna (Lohan) and her psychologist mom Tess (Curtis), on the eve of the latter's wedding. Either they learn to appreciate each other's point of view and things return to normal, or the kid will have to sleep with future stepfather (Harmon). A risqué premise for a Disney comedy, but fear not, the savoury outcome of this is never in doubt for a second. Endearing performances enliven resistible dollops of chaos related to work, high school, boyfriend, TV and rock. Curtis gets to show off her talent for gawky physical comedy aping a riot girrl guitarist, and there's something a little different about Lohan. More genuinely amusing are sporadic incidents involving a two-faced little brother (Malgrani), and grandpa (Gould). Sentimentality threatens whenever the subject of Anna's recently deceased father crops up, though it doesn't bubble over. Indeed, nothing's really wrong here, but nor are there surprises.


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