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Catapulted into the future a split second before a motor-racing accident, Alex Furlong (Estevez) wakes up in 2009, just in time to avoid a lobotomy. Dazed and confused, he flees across a polluted New York divided between the rich, powerful executives of the McCandless Corporation and the poor who live on the streets. Monosyllabic 'Bonejacker' Vacendak (Jagger) is despatched to capture Alex, a 'Freejack' intended for a mind-transplant that will allow an ailing client to transfer to his youthful body. The central idea is never explored, despite the obvious potential of a scenario in which Alex is confronted with old flame Julie (Russo), now a high-flying executive with the Corporation owned by her love-struck but unrequited boss (Hopkins). Whenever things get boring, which is often, the double-crossing factor is increased, which complicates the plot without adding substance to the two-dimensional characters or to the mechanical suspense.


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Awful, awful, awful film. I should have known a sci-fi starring Mick Jagger and directed by the guy who later went on to do Under Siege 2 would never amount to anything. This film has to be one of the worst sci-fis I've seen. It's the bastard child of Judge Dredd and The Lawnmower Man. It's so bad that I need to invent a new word to describe it... repuglable!