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A novice priest-turned-cop (he lost his faith after a string of searing apocalyptic visions), Koteas finds himself caught between heaven and hell in a battle of the angels, as predicted in the 23rd chapter of Revelations (there's no 23rd chapter, Bible fans). For the God squad, we have Stoltz sucking face with a little girl to lodge the evil soul of a war criminal where fallen angel Gabriel (Walken) will not find it, he hopes. This weird metaphysical thriller comes on like a cross between Wings of Desire and an exploitation rip-off. Widen (who wrote Highlander) hasn't quite got the budget to stage Armageddon, but he would if he could. As it is, the movie never quite delivers on the Big Idea, but at least Walken comes through in spades: he's out of this world. Acting doesn't get more brazen than this.


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