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Mother and daughter, Max (Weaver) and Page (Hewitt) specialise in double-crossing wealthy, malleable men whom Max marries and then divorces, after 'catching' them being seduced by Page. The maternal/filial bond, however, has recently been weakened by competitiveness, Max determined to show she's not too old for the game, Page intent on proving herself as capable as mom. And while repellent billionaire William B Tensy (Hackman) is almost too much to handle, it's a previous victim, the inescapable Dean (Liotta), and a cute bartender, Jack (Lee), who cause the real problems. The film lacks funny jokes. But if you're interested in the blossoming of Love Hewitt, there'll be no refunds. Admittedly, she's playing a young woman who uses her sexuality overtly to seduce men, but such slavish attention to looks obscures the acting. Not offensively bad, but silly.


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