Hearts of Fire


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A half-baked rock'n'roll fable. Star-struck teenager Flanagan quits her job and flies to England with retired rock star Dylan. Together, they are whisked off to a country house retreat by hot but jaded pop star Everett, and Flanagan launches herself into the recording of her debut album, while Everett recovers his song-writing ability. Nothing much happens, except that Flanagan is seduced by fame and Everett, while Dylan hovers enigmatically on the sidelines, offering jaundiced comments. Everett parades his affected proletarian accent once more, hilariously typecast as a talentless wanker. The only sympathetic character is the blind girl fan who wants to shoot him. Hampered by a meandering script, Marquand's last film has none of the functional slickness of Jagged Edge; the concert scenes in particular are hopelessly unexciting.


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