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Time Out says

Only Streisand's second movie, but already (as co-star Matthau grumbled) she was hogging the screen. The trouble is that there isn't much to hog in this elephant which gave Star! a helping hoof in burying the Hollywood musical. The Jerry Herman score is unmemorable, Michael Kidd's choreography is foreshortened to accommodate yards of additional dialogue by Ernest Lehman, and the rest is Streisand capably doing her thing in a series of plushily colossal sets.


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Brent Kincaid

The only people NOT miscast in this film are Matthau, Tommy Tune, Joyce Ames and the late Danny Lockin. Everyone else is either too old, too young or incredibly not the right person for the role. Miss Malloy is too old for the inept and nerve- jangling Cornelius Hackle, and there is no way that sophisticaled LADY could dig this twerp. Minnie Fae is ancient, and apparently a chicken hawk in drag. Barbra is a phenom totally out of her water here. She is too young, too damn sexy and the story hangs on her like she's wearing the halloween costume meant for the fat kid in school. This movie is living proof of how badly things go when Hollywood money men say "Wow, that would be cute. Let's get that hot property from Broadway! And, let's put that new kid, Bunny Streizzen in it!" This is movie-making by a committee of old timers who shoulda quit already, accountants and other bean counters that have no idea waht the hell they are up to when it comes to movie mating. "