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Ten horror movies which went spectacularly off the rails, with hilarious results

Looking for a horror film that is hilarious for all of the wrong reasons? They’re all here: giant rabbits, gay demons, murderous lawnmowers, killer bees and ‘shit weasels’. Every one of these horror films comes heartily recommended: grab a friend, crack a beer and join Tom Huddleston for the ten most hilariously, stupendously, side-splittingly rotten horror films ever made…

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    Maximum Overdrive (1986)

    What’s the pitch?
    Stephen King made his directorial debut (and, to date, his directorial swansong) with an adaptation of his own short story ‘Trucks’, in which all the planet’s electrical devices suddenly achieve sentience thanks to a passing comet. It’s not long before they begin to turn on their erstwhile masters: us…

    What went wrong?
    The script is stuffed with King-isms (‘I don’t give a ladybug!’), the special effects are dire, and the whole thing creaks and wheezes like a junker on its way to the scrapyard. That said, there are songs by AC/DC, a great cast and buckets of gore, so it’s an entertaining debacle. King swears he was ‘coked out of his mind all through production’.

    Killer line:
    ‘Honeybun! This machine just called me an asshole!’

    Funniest scene:
    The Little League baseball game, in which the coach gets stoned to death with projectile Coke cans from a vending machine, while one of the kids gets minced by a lawnmower. But this hysterical trailer might be even better:

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Matthew McKinnon
Matthew McKinnon

It had to be Dreamcatcher. More people need to see this film. I keep raving to people about its awfulness, but no-one will bother to watch it: it looks too generic and acceptable for anyone to take me seriously.


You're absolutely right about Dreamcatcher, what a stinker. The worst A-list horror film ever made BTW I highly recommend "fans" of Birdemic to check the Rifftrax commentary by the former Mystery Science Theater 3000 gang