I Am Bruce Lee

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Stuntmen, martial arts experts, filmmakers and family members line up to pay tribute to fallen kung fu king Bruce Lee in this detail-light documentary. The segments covering Lee’s life and legend are fine: an old TV interview with the star is funny and illuminating, and contributions from his wife and daughter are sweetly moving.

But the film constantly wanders off topic, whether into a discussion about mixed martial arts (plenty of whose leading exponents gather here) or a series of tedious and self-important montages in which said pugilists (not the most eloquent bunch) expound on Lee’s influence on their lives.

It’s frustratingly shot as well: too much in-your-face shakeycam and random words flashing up onscreen to underscore whatever point the latest lunkheaded interviewee is making. Lee’s legions of fans might get a kick out of this, but newcomers would do better to invest in a DVD of ‘Fist of Fury’.

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Rated: 15
Release date: Friday July 20 2012
Duration: 94 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Pete McCormack
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