Invasion U.S.A.


Action and adventure

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Time Out says

We can all sleep easy with Chuck 'Neanderthal' Norris to protect the free world single-handed from the commie guerrilla force that attempts Invasion U.S.A. A machine-pistol hanging at each hip, Norris blasts his way through an invasion force that blows up innocent family homes as the occupants prepare for Christmas. Terrorists disguised as Miami cops, they massacre crowds of Hispanics, place bombs in hypermarkets, and generally sow the seeds for the street warfare that will undermine the fabric of democracy. Norris, who doesn't so much act as point his beard at the camera, weaves his way through so many explosions that the money saved on the cast was obviously blown on pyrotechnics. Leaden, xenophobic, and utterly stupid, it's far more offensive than Rambo and far less well executed.


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