Is it time for Johnny Depp to call it a day?

As latest car crash 'The Lone Ranger' hits cinemas, we assess the trajectory of a once-glittering career



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'The Lone Ranger' could lose Disney $150 million and comes after a string of lame Johnny Depp blockbusters. As his stock plunges from coolest actor alive, we look back at his career highs and lows.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Two days after his first ever audition, Depp landed a part as the kid who meets a grisly death by waterbed.

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  • Rated as: 2/5

With no trace of the freshness and wit Verbinski and Depp brought to the swashbuckler in their original ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, ‘The Lone Ranger’ is content to simply pull another western trope out of the bag – the honky-tonk whorehouse, the ranch raid, the cavalry charge – give it a CGI spit-and-polish, and chuck it in the general direction of the audience. The result is frustrating, lazy and lifeless.

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Hey're forgetting one of Johnny's bests...Chocolat!

Sylvia Stewart
Sylvia Stewart

I relly enjoyed this film! I don't really do westerns, but this was funny, classic, with some fantastic actors including our Johnny who was brilliant, funny and weird, which is what made him so right for the part. I loved the fact that the story was being told to a kid whilst the old indian got ready!! (Not gonna give any spoilers here!!) I really enjoyed it and hope it doesn't droop like is being estimated! And PLEASE JOHNNY don't stop making films!! You rock!! :D


Not at all. After the success of the 'Pirates' movies, Depp has decided to let his choices - especially small indie movies- slip by the wayside. His ongoing collaboration with Tim Burton was declining due to a lack of original ideas - which is a shame, because they work well together; i still regard 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet street' as their last proven masterpiece. With the upcoming 'Transcendence' to 'Mortdecai,' maybe Johnny will find a buzz to revisit the halcyon days of his audacious experimental years. The man has made his dollars on the Bruckheimer bandwagon, so why not. Maybe here, he will find fulfillment; a new phase in his illustrious career.


Not at all. He was, though, much more interesting before the call of Jack Sparrow. His choices were daring, but they were awarded with the success of being part of the Bruckheimer bandwagon - and he pretty much never looked back. He needs to retreat to those beginnings. The man has made enough money off the back of the 'Pirates' franchise, so why not? I must admit, his collaboration with Burton was starting to border on tedium (Lack of original ideas is a factor here). Still, if he can find a platform to revisit the halycon days of his experimental years, then maybe he will find fulfillment. Maybe 'Transcedence' and 'Mortdecai' will re-ignite that spark.

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