Jump Tomorrow

This takes its cue from classic Hollywood screwball farce, shoots it with Jim Jarmusch deadpan timing and a Tati-esque delight in the oddities of people and places, then binds everything together with a faith in romantic affirmation so straightforward it seems like some cutting edge discovery. The road movie plot cranks up at the airport when shy New York office worker George (Adebimpe, destined for stardom) arrives on the wrong day to meet his arranged bride from Nigeria, is smitten with Latin flirt Alicia (Verbeke), and provides a diffident shoulder for Frenchman GĂ©rard (Girardot) to cry on after a rebuffed marriage proposal. Destinies will tangle en route to Niagara Falls, where George's nuptials await, and if it's not hard to anticipate a feelgood resolution, the shaggy dog progress upstate never allows the outcome to become a contrived certainty.

Release details

Duration: 96 mins

Cast and crew

Director: Joel Hopkins
Screenwriter: Joel Hopkins
Cast: Patricia Mauceri
Isiah Whitlock Jr
Kaili Vernoff
Hippolyte Girardot
Tunde Adebimpe
Natalia Verbeke
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