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In this caper comedy, the titular 'roo takes off across the outback with $100,000 of Mob money. He steals the movie too - not that nominal stars O'Connell and Anderson put up a fight. Charlie (O'Connell) is the unloved stepson of Mafia kingpin Sal Carbone (Walken), but what he really wants is to cut hair. Louis (Anderson) is his happy go lucky African-American sidekick, Costello to Charlie's Abbott. Sent down under to pay a hitman, never realising they're also the hit, the hapless duo are promptly outwitted by a digitally enhanced marsupial. Someone on this charmless Jerry Bruckheimer production clearly decided that the kangaroo was the movie's best and only selling point, but parents beware: this film is too crude, violent and offensive for younger viewers.


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