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A none too subtle exposition of the now well-worn theme of corruption in the boxing-ring, with Robinson as the go-getting manager who finds himself a contender in the shape of a bellhop (Morris) who summarily knocks out the reigning heavyweight champion for insulting Robinson's mistress (Davis). It all boils up to a shoot-out between Robinson and racketeer Bogart when the former - having vengefully fixed a fight under the impression that Davis is cheating on him with Morris - suffers a change of heart. Actually, in one of those woozy subplots so beloved of Hollywood in the '30s, Davis has fallen for Morris all right, but he's making sheep's eyes at the innocent kid sister (Bryan) Robinson keeps in the background. Sleek direction and excellent performances keep it enjoyable. Remade in a circus setting (as The Wagons Roll at Night, 1941) and again as a dim Elvis Presley vehicle in 1962.


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