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Mon Feb 27 2006

Could first-time screenwriter Noel Clarke (an actor, last seen in ‘Dr Who’) cram any more sordid, spiralling misery into his slice-of-life script about schoolkids and street life in west London? Clarke and first-time director Menhaj Huda spin a frenetic story out of the lives of a group of 15-year-olds who attend the same west London comprehensive. There’s no need to recount here the manic ins and outs of Clarke’s busy plot other than to say that it’s defined by suicide, drugs, murder, unwanted pregnancy, casual sex, knives, guns, Yardies, bullying and fights. All of which certainly have their place in the kaleidoscope of experience of many young Londoners, but Clarke tries so hard to shoehorn every potential teenage pitfall into his overloaded screenplay that the effect is numbing, barely credible and sometimes quite laughable.

That said, ‘Kidulthood’ still tears along at a good pace (aided by music from The Streets, Shystie, Dizzee Rascal and other UK artists), never bores, and has a certain novelty value: the real language and habits of our capital’s streets hardly ever make it to the big screen. The film’s ultimate downfall, though, is that its makers’ hunger for authenticity means that it’s all about events, events, events. Sober characterisation and plotting fall by the wayside. The film’s adult characters are especially two-dimensional (a cartoon Yardie; a posh father; a mother who shouts ‘Please use a condom’ through the bedroom door; a camp shop assistant). And what’s with the title? It sounds like a desperate youth-marketing tag. Or maybe I’m just not down with the kidults?


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UK release:

Fri Mar 3, 2006


89 mins

Cast and crew


Menhaj Huda

Production Designer:

Nic Tuft, Murray McKeown


Tom Balkwill, Victoria Boydell


Brian Tufano


The Angel


Femi Oyeniran, Adam Deacon, Jamie Winstone, Red Madrell, Aml Ameen, Noel Clarke


Noel Clarke

Art Director:

Paul Harvey

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This movie was okay. Some good shocks in there. I was disgusted at what some people would do. I don't like the whole drug crowd thing, so I wasn't impressed nor did I think it was cool. But, I do think that's what the movie was trying to show. Overall, I quite enjoyed it.


this was amazin, heart warming and shocking at the same time. Told a great story with pleanty of twists and great acting from both the kids and the adults :)


this was amazin, heart warming and shocking at the same time. Told a great story with pleanty of twists and great acting from both the kids and the adults :)


Isn't the title sign enough? This film is about as subtle and well acted as... well, suffice to say it's rubbish. Truly bad. Almost to the point where it would be worth watching for a laugh, but sadly it's just depressing - in every sense. I really wanted to rate this zero, but that would appear as 'unrated' so a very generous zero then.