Kissing Jessica Stein


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Time Out says

Jessica Stein (Westfeldt) is an intelligent, late-20s, single copywriter living and working in New York. Why can't she find a boyfriend? Even her little brother's about to tie the knot. Her opinionated ex (now her boss) thinks she's too choosy. Granted, she's slightly neurotic. But look at the string of no-hopers she dates. Her Jewish mother (Feldshuh) bemoans her daughter's single status loudly at synagogue and conjures up eligible dinner guests at every turn, naturally. Bridget Jones, Ally McBeal, would-be Woody Allen in one, then... Bargain! Helen Cooper (Juergensen) is a bi-curious, free-spirited chick, who places a personal ad in the Village Voice that catches Jessica's eye. But Jessica couldn't contemplate being kissed by a girl, could she? Westfeldt and Juergensen's wordy script tries for both mainstream and offbeat, but gets lost in between. Feldshuh, who transcends her stereotypical role admirably, is the saving grace, providing at least one good scene in this average fare.

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