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An old man upsets his drink in panic at a loud explosion outside. Racing to investigate, his fears are confirmed...a judge has been assassinated, and the old man's son along with him. This is bold, emotional film-making, torn from the headlines, and from here on director Tognazzi never leaves the side of his four protagonists. La scorta - the escort - are the ordinary young policemen assigned to protect magistrates investigating the Mafia in Italy. The film focuses on the bodyguards of a particularly determined Sicilian judge. Andrea (Lo Verso) is the supervising officer. Married with kids, he's an obvious target for blackmail. Angelo (Amendola) is a tougher customer: a friend of the murdered escort, he's out to bring the killers to justice. Police work is just a job for Raffaele and Fabio (Sperandeo and Memphis), but they too become inspired by the integrity of their charge (Checchi) and the camaraderie of the group. An effective thriller, closer to Hollywood's muckraisers than any of Francesco Rosi's political gangster movies. Not subtle, exactly, but pointed.


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