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A rambling romance in a backstage musical setting, with Montand as a stuffy millionaire determined to take legal action against a little revue in which he is lampooned - until he meets Monroe. She, starring in the show and believing him to be an out-of-work actor, gets him a job impersonating himself; and he, trying to make good, hires the best (Bing Crosby, Gene Kelly and Milton Berle in cameos) to give him a showbiz polish. The teaming of Monroe and Montand works like a charm (the love affair was real, and you feel it), and Cukor contrives to lend the whole thing a witty sense of enchantment that isn't really there. Not so much a good film as a delightful experience, with one moment of true magic: Marilyn making her stage entrance down a fireman's pole and purring her way into Cole Porter's 'My Heart Belongs to Daddy'.


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