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Welcome to Kenmont College, CA, and the prestigious debating team run by Professor Scheider. Among its luminaries, two scholarship students: poor country boy Tucker (Cameron) who used to make his shoes out of tyres, and bookish beauty Monica (Gertz) who doesn't date. Blonde cripple Donna (Peterson) is determined to 'dance again', but rebuffs invitations from surfer Bruce (Atkins). Topping them all is hunky Garson 'Dostoevsky' McKellar (Quill), whose writing ambitions are thwarted by a politician dad (Zerbe). Their aim to debate 'Is Abortion Immoral?' before the Supreme Court isn't helped by writer-director Stewart's supply of brainless platitudes. By the final half-hour, desperate plotting, uninspired casting and clichéd dialogue leave one student dead, another with a split lip, and Scheider lost for words.


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