Little Nemo Adventures in Slumberland


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Nemo looks too cute and the period sense is missing, along with the comically stilted conversation. But the flavour of Winsor McCay's original strip cartoon (dating from 1905) still lingers, thanks to the likes of Ray Bradbury (concept), Robert Towne and Disney veteran Ollie Johnston ('consultants'). Nemo's dreamworld encompasses Slumberland, all candy stores and bandstands; and Nightmareland, where monsters prowl amid bizarre wreckage. Fantasies of triumph give way to ones of shame, with much flying and falling through the air. The Shermans' songs, alas, are straight out of a musical Nightmareland, and Nemo's first dream - being pursued by a homicidal locomotive - sets the tone. Visually remarkable, but with a gallon of Sherman syrup poured over it.


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