Love on the Dole


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Despite the relevance of its theme, Walter Greenwood's sentimental tragedy remains very much a '30s period piece. The Salford slums look as irredeemably picturesque as the surrounding Pennine countryside, and 'Honest' Sam Grundy in his big car and check suit looks more like a teddy bear than a repulsive villain. Kerr is hardly the archetypical Lancashire mill-girl, but her mixture of coolness and fragility works surprisingly well in the scenes with the grumbling, bullying father she 'disgraces' and the fawningly lecherous bookie she pawns her body to. The real bite, though, comes from the gaggle of black-coated gossips - Mrs Dorbell, Mrs Nattle, Mrs Jike and Mrs Bull - who, Greek-chorus-like, pronounce judgment over their hap'orth of gin.


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